Meet Festival Emcee and Performing Artist Jordan Waunch

Jordan Waunch

Jordan Waunch is a Vancouver-based Métis performing artist, public speaker, and award-winning filmmaker. A graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Film And Television Production Program, Jordan has gone on to build a career as a professional casting associate at casting facility Studio 3 Media in Vancouver.

In 2019, he directed the project “Sisters Of Sorrow” through StoryHive’s first ever Indigenous Storyteller Edition and produced the Queer Indigenous horror film Terror/Forming. His most recent directing project Shadow of The Rougarou, which blends Métis mythology with supernatural thrills, is playing on APTN’s streaming service lumi.

In 2023, Jordan is back as the dynamic emcee for the Four Fires Festival Main Stage featuring a showcase of Indigenous singers, dancers, musicians, and performing artists.

“I am truly honored to be a part of this festival as the emcee. It’s an incredible gathering of amazing people, and the reintroduction of canoe races in this area holds great cultural and historical significance.”

Jordan stresses that “As a Métis individual living in these territories, I feel a sense of duty to support and uplift my Coast Salish brothers and sisters in reclaiming their voice and presence in their homelands. This event will not only be a fun-filled experience for families and people from all backgrounds, but also a meaningful way for our wider community to forge deeper connections. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this important celebration.”